Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialist Buckinghamshire

At Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists, we are able to supply any fireplace or stove to meet the heating needs of your home and family. We are tied to no manufacturers, allowing us to offer you stoves in a range of designs and styles, and stoves of any other specifications to ensure your requirements are met.

We offer a complete package from start to finish, including all the building work, installation, and fitting required. We also offer a fitting only service, allowing you to source your heating system yourself.

Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists are acknowledged as a leading UK fireplace company, supplying and installing distinctive fireplaces and stoves to homeowners in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, London, Dorset, and Devon.

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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services that require no subcontractors or additional staff, and cover the sourcing and installation of gas fires, stoves, and fireplaces. We offer free site surveys within 30 miles, and free, no obligation quotes. Our fireplace specialists are completely HETAS and Gas Safe Registered to ensure your safety, and also offer the installation of natural stone, brick, and inglenook fireplaces. Some of our other services include:

Chimney and Flue Systems Design
Chimney Construction and Re-lining
Woodburning Installations
Chimney Sweeping Service
Bird Nests Removed Pots And Cowls Fitted
Fitting of Pots and Cowls

Gas Fires

Gas Fires

Gas fires are available in an extensive range of styles and forms, and are designed to fit a number of varying aesthetic and heating needs. At Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists, we are able offer advice on your gas fire options, as well as the sourcing, installation and fitting of any style you decide on. .
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Gas & Wood Burning Stoves


Stoves are a wonderful way of ensuring the comfort of your family in winter. Even if you have limited space available, or live in Smoke Control Area, Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists will be able to provide a stove, as well as a chimney and flue system, that works perfectly in your home.
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Gas & Wood Burner Fireplaces


A fireplace is an important feature of any home, often defining the aesthetic of the room in which it is situated. Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists can help you choose the right fireplace according to your needs. We offer a quick, detailed installation and fitting service that will leave your family comfortable.
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Fireplace and Brickwork Specialist

We offer a comprehensive sourcing and installation package, ensuring you get the best in fireplace, stove, and gas fire services when you choose Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists.

Wood Burning Stove Installations

Wood Burning Stove Installations

Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists is able to install a range of wood burning stoves to leave you and your family feeling warm on a
cold night.

However, for many stove owners there's another kind of rosy glow and that's the one that comes from the satisfaction of knowing that there are significant advantages attached to heating your home with a wood burner.
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Wood Fuel Fireplaces

Wood as a Fuel

We can offer advice on what kinds of wood or coal is the best-suited fuel for your new stove or fireplace, as well as how to use them correctly and safely.

As a wood burning stove owners myself I've outlined below what I believe is the best way to get the most from your stove and your wood log fuel. So let's start with the type of wood logs...
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Smoke Control Areas Buckinghamshire

Smoke Control Areas

The Clean Air Act declares certain areas as Smoke Control Areas. If you are located in one of these areas, we can offer advice concerning the best heating options for you.

It is an offence to emit smoke from a chimney of a building, from a furnace or from any fixed boiler if located in a designated Smoke Control Area.
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Gas & Wood Stove Installations Buckinghamshire

Stoves by Lee Davies

A properly installed stove can be an elegant and functional addition to the comfort and design of your home. A functioning stove will ensure that your home is adequately heated, and that your family is kept warm during the winter season.

At Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists, we will be able to advise you on the perfect size stove to fit and work efficiently in your home. We will work with you to understand what you need from your stove, source the right one according to these requirements, and fit it quickly and expertly into your home.

We will also be able to advise you on the appropriate chimney and flue system to accompany your stove, and correctly install the right system that will leave your stove working safely and efficiently.

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