Gas Fire Services and Installation

Gas fires are available in a number of styles, designs, and types. Some gas fires are designed to be the sole heat source for a room, while others are designed to be supplementary in their purpose. Depending on the model, gas fire fuel efficiency ranges from 40% to 100%. There are four basic styles of gas fires, and Lee Davies Fireplace and Brickwork Specialists will be able to expertly install any of them into your home in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, London, Dorset, and Devon.


Usually used in a hearth setting, inset gas fires are generally installed into the opening of a fireplace, allowing the fire to be set to the back of the vent. Inset gas fires can also involve a purpose-built opening in a chimney installed on a higher wall.


Outset gas fires are traditionally installed in a fireplace opening that has been covered and sealed with a backplate. This allows a smaller pipe with fewer exhaust gases to enter the opening, while the fire still warms the entire room.


Hole-In-The-Wall gas fires are not designed for use in a hearth, however are still inset or semi-inset fireplaces.


In order to allow wall mounting, a Hang-On-The-Wall fireplace requires an adaption kit to cover the fire. These types of gas fires are usually inset fires, and can be designed to be used with or without a working flue.

We will also be able to create a living flame effect in your fireplace, which will simulate the look of a real flame. By choosing our gas fire installation service, you will also be able to fully customise your fireplace by choosing the shape, colour, covering, and trim of your gas fire casing.

We will also help you choose the correct flue to accompany your gas fire, should you require one. If you are looking to replace your existing gas fire, your flue would need to be removed and cleaned, along with your chimney. This is especially important if an oil burner or solid fuel was previously used in the fireplace. Our Gas Safe registered engineers will be able to expertly advise you on your flue system, and how to proceed to get the most out of your new or existing gas fire.